New funding of Agri-Food Graduate Development Programme (AFGDP)

launch picThe Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD has announced that DAFM have committed to continued financial support for the Agri Food Graduate Development Programme (AFGDP) to 2018. The AFGDP was established in 2007 as a collaboration between UCD, UCC and Teagasc with the remit of upskilling postgraduate researchers in the area of agriculture, forestry, food science and nutrition for employment in the sector.   To date, over 1000 postgraduate researchers in Agri-Food areas from institutions throughout Ireland have successfully completed one or more modules within this programme. The AFGDP has a timetable of 36 modules scheduled to run from 2015-2018 with a capacity to accommodate over a thousand researchers from the Agri-Food sector.   In addition, the AFGDP is currently in the....... read More

Report from Fisheries module April 2015

The AFGDP ran it’s first Marine focused module earlier this month. We looked at “Practical fisheries and shell fisheries science”. The course kicked off with an introduction to Marine Ecology for Food and Nutrition Scientists. For the week that was in it, Chocolate Easter eggs were incorporated into this session in a practical demonstration of how over-fishing depletes the oceans. After the introductory session the students (a mix of PhD researchers and Sea Fisheries Protection Agency officers) looked a quality issues and how these effect fish and shellfish. There was some lively discussion in this session between the poachers (students) and game keepers (SFPA)! Following on from the quality session, students were brought through a session on technologies that are employed in Fisheries. From traditional smoking techniques....... read More