Module Details

Title: Communication Skills for the Agri-Food Researcher UCD
Coordinator: Julie Dowsett Contributors:

Patrick Sutton

Dr Niamh Shaw

Dr John Finn

Professor Alan Kelly

Dr Maura Hiney


This module starts with a day long worshop from presenting veterans Patrick Sutton (Director Gaiety School of Acting) and Dr Niamh Shaw (Food Scientist) teaching researchers the framework of a good presentation.

The second day Prof Alan Kelly with many years experience of writing, supervising PhDs and editing journals gives a masterclass in how to get published and navigates the researcher through the often intimidating process, giving tips and insights into maximising your chances of getting published.

The third day we invite Dr Maura Hiney from the Health Reserch Board to talk about the importance of research integrity, and have a lively discussion about the many ethic considerations when conducting research.

Target audience:

PhD researchers who wish to improve their writing or presenting skills

Learning outcomes and impact:

Appreciate the skills of good communication

Frame their research in terms that general public will understand

Use technique of presentation framework to communicate their research

Understand and apply good research principles

Apply writing principles to scientific papers


Module delivery:

Workshops, tutorials and lectures with disussion groups.

Module assessment:

Abstract, writing for non scientific audiences


I continue to apply the framework for presentation skills into my presentations even now I'm in the workforce and I have finished my PhD.

Good writing skills cannot be over stated. It makes the difference between getting published and not.

This module is really great, I went back to my PhD feeling reenergised and motivated about writing and presenting.

Thank you so much for this module, I used to have to take medication to calm me down before presenting, but now I no longer need it!