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Title: The National and Global Agri-Food Sector - UCC
Coordinator: Joanne Fearon Contributors:

Staff from UCC Food Business

Staff from Teagasc Rural Economics Unit

Industry case studies


Researchers need to develop and understanding of the national and global agri-food sector that thie reseach feeds into. This module has been designed to give researchers an insight into majore developmens in the agri food sector including

-Agri-food business acumen

-trade, markets and the Economy

- Consumer issues

- Research, policy and strategy

- Brexit

- "Local Roots, Global Reach"

- Specialised topics

Target audience:

This module is specifically designed for researchers with a scientific background so that they can gain insights into how the wider agri-food sector is strucured and operates.

Learning outcomes and impact:

After completing the module students should be able to:

  • Identify the key components of a marketing strategy for a new food firm;

  • Differentiate between successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies;

  • Identify the supply and demand factors influencing the supply of food on world markets;

  • Interpret consumer behaviour issues;

  • Understand the importance and scale of the Irish agri-food sector on the global stage

  • Understand the principles of agri-food business strategy.

Module delivery:

The module will be delivered in a blended approach of lectures, discussions and small group activities.

Module assessment:

post-module action plan workbook.


note: this module has been significantly redesigned based on expansion to include agriculture and also as a result of the BREXIT process.

"The course enabled me to see the bigger picture of food production and help to appreciate the different roles"

"Very good module, well worth coming to really broaden my views and knowledge on many food related areas. It was also very helpful to hear from Ronan O’Farrell as he has achieved so much and I learned a lot from his experiences"

"Course was great very interesting and enjoyable"

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