Module Details

Title: Leadership Skills for the Agri Food sector - UCC
Coordinator: Joanne Fearon Contributors:

Dr Joanne Fearon

Prof Alan Kelly

Previous speakers include:

Julie Sinnamon (CEO Enterprise Ireland) My Career journey

Dr Claire Gubbins (DCU) Professional Networking

Greg Fry Digital Marketing Institute - Building your professional profile online


This is a fantastic opportunity for any researcher in the Agri Food sector in the last 2 years of their PhD who is considering their future career either in academia or industry. It gives insight into your leadership style and an overview of managing teams, project management and time management.

For many this is the first introduction of understanding their own preferred working style, values and career ambitions, and to understand how others may vary from us, and how to work well as a team.

Additional information: We are asking you to submit a paragraph, no longer than 250 words, giving a summary of where you are in your career indicating why now is the right time for you to undertake the programme. Cancellation policy -The module is provided free of charge. However if you cancel you place after we will have to bill you for €150. Assignment - There will be an assignment component to the module and the module will be eligible for 5 ECTS credits. Attendance at the module and all food is provided by the AFGDP. Researchers will have to make their own travel arrangements.

Target audience:

This module offers researchers at all levels of their PhD a Personal Leadership Experience. It would Places will be offered to researchers towards the end of their PhD who may not have a future opportunity to attend this module. During this module you will have an opportunity to gain an insight into your strengths as a leader and work as part of a team to develop your skills as well as learning elements of project management and time management. It covers areas such as practical sessions on identifying your skills, how you work in a team, your learning style as well as project management, time management and the templates you provide for swot analysis and project management that you can go on to use in your own practice.

Learning outcomes and impact:

At the end of this module researchers will have an undertanding of:

  • Their preferred style of working

  • Their work and life values and how these influence thier career decisions

  • The role of mentoring and coaching in the workplace

  • Tools for optimal time management

  • Tools for optimal project management

  • The role they play in a team

Module delivery:

Workshops and practical elements to parctice the learnings.

Module assessment:

completion of a personalised leadership workbook.


‘The DiSC profiling was brilliant, a real eye opener’.

 ‘The most useful aspect of the course were the interactive sessions and practical uses for the techniques that we learned’

‘Very engaging speakers and personal relatable organiser – very practical and useful advice with real life examples and encouragement’.

‘Well-structured course. Speakers were all engaging and interesting. Excellent practical elements. A great way to learn.’

‘Well done Julie and Amanda and all the presenters. I enjoyed every single one of the topics. Well done!’

‘I learned a lot about myself as a result of all the hands on exercises – I surprised myself at how I handled them. Very helpful and insightful!’

 ‘Course was very helpful and it will have a big effect on my work life’.