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Innovation, Commercialising Research and Entrepreneurship

Dollarphotoclub_7573555022-24 November 2017 – UCD

Are you an agri-food researcher? This November we a running our highly regarded module on innovation and how to describe the research impact of your PhD research. The essential message of what you are doing, for whom, and why? Sounds easy doesn’t it? And yet many researchers struggle with answering this on the first day.

Being able to frame your research in such stark terms helps you to understand the landscape you are working in and the relevance of what you are doing and the part your research plays. It teaches invaluable skills not just in focusing on the impact of your research which is such an essential component to any research funding proposal, but also to understand the process of innovation from an industry perspective. Understanding this aspect of commercialisation is cited by many in industry as being knowledge that many postgraduates going for interview do not have.

Content of 3 days

  • An introduction to innovation and the need to think differently
  • Describing the Research Impact of your Research
  • Defining the commercial vision for your research
  • Understanding your stakeholders and their situations
  • Crafting and communicating a commercial value proposition for your research
  • The importance of innovation in the agri-food sector
  • The role of Innovation and Nutrition in Kerry
  • A Career in Kerry – what you need to know
  • Consumer and Marketing insights – what’s coming down the track with food innovation?
  • National Food Innovation Hub


We will have a main facilitator Dr Paidi O’Reilly who has a PhD in Innovation and lectures widely on the topic in UCC, the IMI to business leaders, and through his work in the Infant Centre on sensory technology in Cork University Maternity Hospital.

We will also have the Chief Innovation Officer from Kerry and Head of Talent Acquisition, Kerry, as well as speakers from Teagasc and Bord Bia.

To register for this exciting and insightful course apply here!


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